Dancing For Birth™ classes teach a “language of movement” specially designed for women in any stage of pregnancy and after birth. The movements are inspired by world dance forms like Latin dance, Caribbean dance, African dance and Belly dance.

We practice techniques for comfort during pregnancy and the labor progress. We also stretch, relax and use inspiration/affirmation cards to share and discuss our motherhood journeys in a nurturing women circle.

Dancing is a fun and gentle exercise that everyone can enjoy, even if you’ve been told you have two left feet! This is the perfect time to connect with your body and your baby through movement and awareness. You’ll be surprised at the numerous benefits for your pregnancy, your birth, your baby and your postpartum recovery.

5 reasons to dance through pregnancy:
1. Reduces stress and tension, lowering blood pressure and adrenalin
2. Increases the flow of oxytocin, which allows labor to start naturally
3. Gives you confidence in your body and your ability to labor
4. Liberates self-judgement, which allows bonding with your baby and partner
5. Provides exercise to loosen hips, stretching and widening the pelvic outlet for ease of delivery

“Dancing might be the best way to prepare for having a baby!”

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Postpartum Dancing Benefits

Reasons to dance to dance with your baby:

– Produce “Feel-Good” hormone
– Create an even stronger bond with your baby
– Gain core strength, balance and tone your body
– Prevent/reduce postpartum depression
– Enjoy the continued support of the Dancing for Birth community

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“I feel connected with my baby.”

Class schedule & Location

Location Amsterdam:
On Fridays:
Overtoom 205
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Locatie Leusden:
Elke dinsdag & donderdag 10:00-11:00
Studio Pauline
Het Koendert 8A

Locatie Amersfoort:
Elke zaterdag: 09:00-10:00
Studio Icoon Theater Vathorst
Leeghwater 1-3

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Contact me for private/partner classes on location, at home (Amsterdam/Amersfoort area) or online.